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  • Q: What is your data source?
Every single option trade in the US market you have seen in TradingFlow option flow is reported by ORPA (Options Price Reporting Authority).
  • In general, how does TradingFlow help me make the trade decisions?
With this vast amount of data provided by TradingFlow, you can analyze and visualize how traders - specifically the large traders are speculating in the market.
  • How to decide which trade to follow in the options flow?
There is a very common misconception here that you need to "follow the smart money" which essentially means "let's copy the trade the large traders are making and we will also make money" - we hate to break it to you - no one, absolutely no one can identity who or what is "smart money" and there are so many reasons as to why one made a particular trade. So... don't do that...never rely on just one single data point - we have repeated this point in our Product Manual and the same applies here if you want to survive in the long term. Instead, focus on the "footprints", and "bread crumbs" left by the larger players in the market. This can only be done on a larger timeframe - a few days to a few weeks - now, the probability is already in your favor (shorter/intraday option trades have a very high failure rate - you are essentially playing the lotto every day).


  • Q: What is the difference between Smart Flow and Full Flow?
Smart Flow is unusual options activity(UOA), which represents anomalies in the Options Order Flow (i.e. the 6M+ options contracts traded on a daily basis). Normally the premium of the Unusual Options Activity will be equal to or greater than $25K with a data latency of less than 1 minute. Full Flow is intra-day(15 mins delay) and historical options data covering the ENTIRE US market without filtering the underlying data.

Account and Billing

  • Q: Can I change my email address after registration?
No. If you really need to use a new email address, you can cancel your current subscription with your old email and register a new account with your new email address.


  • Q: I have a question that’s not included above.
Please send it to [email protected]. We’ll get back to you within a day! Also, you can reach out to us at our Discord server:
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