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What is TradingFlow Analysis Notebook?

TradingFlow Analysis Notebook is an AI-powered software platform that provides a modern workspace for data science and analytics on trading data. It is designed to help traders and quantitative developers work with data more efficiently and effectively, whether they are using SQL, Python, or no-code. TradingFlow Analysis Notebook combines the features of traditional data science notebooks with integrated AI assistance, easy-to-build data apps, and reports.
  • Zero-setup, multi-language notebooks: TradingFlow Analysis Notebook allows users to work with data using SQL, Python, or other programming languages without the need for complex setup processes.
  • Ad hoc and exploratory data analysis: TradingFlow Analysis Notebook enables users to quickly perform ad hoc and exploratory data analysis to find valuable insights.
  • Interactive dashboards, reports, and data apps: Users can operationalize their data by creating interactive dashboards, reports, and data apps to share insights with others.
  • Empowering data-informed decisions: TradingFlow Analysis Notebook aims to empower traders and quantitative developers to make data-informed decisions by providing a user-friendly and accessible environment for working with data.


$299/Month or $239/Month(if paid annually)
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